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I’ll be posting lots more regularly .  Last Friday  Ron Vereen, MD generously traveled from the  [ hit “Classes” ] , to talk w/ a small group of my healer friends interested in altered states of consciousness about Mindfulness meditation .   & the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction program he manages there .  His teaching was impressive , especially  exploring the relationship between hypnosis & mindfulness .  He himself is a fine example of transformation thru’ Mindfulness meditation .  Thanks so much , Ron !

The outcome research on the Jon Kabat- Zinn MBSR is Very strong , & I recommend the Duke classes in Durham & in Raleigh without reservation for anyone wanting to regulate anxiety , depression , or mind-body disease / pain .

The Duke program is cited on the Resource page in Michael Yapkos’s excellent new book   Hypnosis & Mindfulness.



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