Response to a Troubled Request: Hypnosis for Anxiety

C,   I understand your funds are limited by your crippling anxiety — I accept no insurance, so Medicaid could not help treatment with me, even if it weren’t running out.  
         You’ve tried everything else, including medications and sound as though you have nothing to lose by an immersion trial of hypnosis, which could well be helpful.  If you’re willing to let yourself get All you can from your hypnotic potential, I’ll welcome your energetic and committed participation in my next full day group, 9AM-5PM on Friday 6-28 in northern Chatham County, very near Apex.  You can mail a check at a reduced fee of $100.; you’ll get 6 hours of treatment for less than my usual fee for an individual 45 minute session.
         The theme is Hypnotic Impasse Resolution: Unsticking Where You’re Stuck.  You’ll want to bring [borrow?] some sort of digital recorder/smart phone [perhaps the sort that you can connect into a laptop to make a CD, if a CD would be more convenient for Daily practice] to keep the group induction for  of 20-30 minutes Daily practice at home.
         Read slowly and mindfully several times the paper “Brief Hypnotic Facts …” on my site’s home page, under Hypnosis.  It would also be very useful preparation to find, or buy used through Amazon the softcover book Uncommon Therapy by Jay Haley — scan it, reading only the parts relevant to your concerns.
          Consider my suggestions carefully and phone me if you decide to attend this Friday.    Dr Bob
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