What do we owe to someone who is dying ?

If that someone is our parent : bobdick says:Your comment is awaiting moderation.   My comment on Dr Joe Burgo’s long-ago, thought provoking post on his blog Afterpsychotherapy  .

I think, at the least, and perhaps the most, we do owe gratitude to our parents for our being alive.
However thoughtful or thoughtless our conception might have been, it seems to me that we do indeed owe this debt of gratitude, no matter how good or not good their parenting circumstances or skills might have been after our birth. My existence is important to me, and I’m glad it happened, however pleasant or unpleasant my family experiences became after I was created.
Dr Bob

Here is the new reply:
As long as we acknowledge that there are limits to that gratitude. I’m grateful for my existence, too, but also aware of how difficult my parents made it for me.

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2 Responses to What do we owe to someone who is dying ?

  1. Peggy says:

    Can’t argue with that. And I think it likely that all parents do the best they know how.

  2. Dr. Bob says:

    Hi P, Thanks for your response. This complex perspective seems a personal choice of definitions and relative values, not some eternal truth carved into stone tablets. I heartily agree with you, & think that all of us, not just parents, not only parents, are doing the best we can, given our unique Nature/Nurture interaction. We might do better or differently in a minute or after a while, yet right now what I do is the best I can muster just now. When it’s a different “now”, I & how I make it all up in my own mind are Different & can do a different Best — better, I like to think, sometimes, having learned how to look at things differently than before.
    It’s a philosophical/ethical frame that allows dropping shame or guilt when people/I realize how I can do differently/better, and hopefully, choose to do better. Dr b

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