Best ADHD Meds Overview and Specific Prescription Guidelines

includes information only a Very experienced with-stimulant-meds physician could have gathered, and several things I didn’t know – for instance, not to take it with vitamin C or soda pop/citric acid.   Read the full story , and Comment to let me know what you thought.
My only difference with it is I’ve found many ADHD folks have an initial few weeks to few months “Honeymoon” period immediately on beginning ADHD medication. Contrary to the article saying this never happens, they do feel unusually good emotionally until that fades into the usual excellent desirable effects of these meds in an ADHD person. If that happens, I suggest enjoying the ride, and using the slightly higher emotions and energy,quickly to begin permanent, positive life changes and habits.
 See also Attitude magazine and website.    dr bob
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