Chapel Hill office relocation in January, 2012

Mondays are my Chapel Hill day, and in January, 2012 I moved around the corner to rent from a wonderful holistic Family Medicine specialist, Sonia Rapaport, MD.

Like me, she doesn’t accept insurance & wouldn’t let drug reps in the door.  We have an elevator if needed, lots of beautiful sculpture, a great massage chair in the Waiting Room, and two resident, very friendly dogs to greet you.  There’s a pleasant view from our second story offices, and the atmosphere is quite comfortable, warm and healing, much like Dr. Sonia.  I feel quite fortunate to have found her, and have referred family, friends and clients to her. ( I can’t make this program do the right order of sentences, so bear with the following.)

Do drop by, and say Hi when you’re in town.Happy Holidays to All,  DrBob

We’re next to[ on the left as you face] the Post Office on Estes Drive.

Haven Medical Center ,121 Estes Drive, Suite 205-D, Chapel Hill, NC 27514.

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