Response to Dan Ariely’s survey re a title for his new book

This is an edited-for clarity & grammar version of an E comment I just sent Dan Ariely.

If you’ve not yet seen his work, you’re in for a treat.

hi D ,  Really, all yr titles’re good , & 3 quite good–I chose based on whatI I imagined’d be the most useful title commercially.  Your survey seems brilliant market research, as well as stirring interest / broadening “platform” for the book when it gets out.  I’m pleased to have had some personal contact w/u–to me you’re an excellent model of the infrequently sighted beast “clinician”/healer/researcher.  If u get tired of hearing my positive experience of you and your work, pls say so, or yr likely to keep seeing/hearing it.
          I’m gonna take yr council to get the latest, best version of Dragon & teach the hell-out-of it.  Thanks.
          I believe your work is making progressively more of a difference in many folks’ understanding of themselves and their lives, and in their potential self-regulation.  What could be better’n doing well what you love to do, offering interesting & useful perspectives on our culture and self-regulation, gettin’ paid enough to make a good living, gathering lots of prestige-ful influence on the quality of people’s lives, while at the same time enjoying warm, close personal connections w/ the people u choose who also choose u??
              Warmly,  bd      [ no reply expected ]  — and I’m now inspired to post this on my site–we’ll see if I’m up-to the technological operations.
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