Video of my talk,”Evidence Based Clinical Hypnosis for Clients and Ourselves”

This is a video of a hour and a half public talk I gave in 2012 in the UNC-CH School of Social Work’s Clinical Lecture Series. It’s also available through “For Professionals”, in the top Home Page navigation bar — you might find some other interesting/useful items there as well. I think Power Point presentations are not well suited to complex, experiential material, so it’s organized analogically, rather than digitally.  I wandered through my fifty years since beginning grad school in clinical psychology at UNC-CH, intending to “be hypnotic”, rather than to “do hypnosis”.  My spies in the audience reported frustration at first in the grad students sitting near them who expected Power Point slides, followed by a striking shift into focused attention and laptop note-taking.

About halfway through the talk I offered a group induction for anyone who wanted to explore their own hypnotic experience, followed by Questions and Answers. Though a rather large group, I was pleased with audience participation and responsiveness, and I welcome your comments on my valedictory talk. address.

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