my post responding to a list serve request for suggestions about loneliness.

Lonely is sure not the same thing as “alone’ — It seems to me both 1] a history of regular, strong and long enough early family emotional intimacy, & 2] staying in regular intimate contact with close friends are usually necessary for folks to feel comfortable & balanced = not to feel painfully “lonely”.
Interpersonal approaches, especially in extended weekly Group therapy &/or intensive All-Day or weekend Groups, can usually help folks who’ve not been lucky enough to experience sufficient early emotional intimacy, or who’ve not developed the emotional and social skills necessary to ward off excessive loneliness.
Managing comfortable enough the existential fact of aloneness is a major challenge for
all of us.   Extreme lonliness can be healed.  The three yearly Hypnotic All Day Groups and the integrative therapeutic approaches of the three weekly psychotherapy groups I lead are my strongest considerations for those struggling with un-bearabe loneliness.    DrBob

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