Moving Monday Practice to Chapel Hill from Carrboro

 I’d like folks to know that as of Monday, September 30, I’m moving my Mondays office in Carrboro to northern Chapel Hill. My new Mondays address is:
Franklin Square, 1829 East Franklin St., Suite 100 J, Chapel Hill, NC 27514.

 I won’t get mail there, so please send mail to my Raleigh office:  CenterPoint Psychotherapy, 3729 Benson Dr, Raleigh, NC 27609. 

First floor accessibility is the main reason I’m moving, and I also like being in a lotta trees with plenty of easy parking. You can find directions to either office at my site on the horizontal menu – click “For New Clients”, then click “Offices”.
I work 3 days a week – Mondays in Chapel Hill, and Tuesdays and Thursdays in Raleigh, seeing individuals, couples, 3 weekly therapy groups and one monthly training/support group for healers. I also see other therapists for consultation. I especially enjoy doing group therapy, so I’ll say lots more about groups.  
The cost effectiveness is appealing, and individual therapy can’t offer the breadth of issues, perspectives and opportunities for growth and change available in groups. For most issues the research shows group therapy is usually as, or more effective [and likely more cost-efficient], than individual therapy. Unfortunately there’re relatively few therapy groups around here that include interpersonal process, partly because most clinicians learn only about individual therapy, not about how to lead treatment groups. I also think we therapists tend to eschew the intensity and discomfort of strong extended conflict between group members. Unfamiliar with the therapeutic power and outcomes of groups, many clinicians don’t yet think quickly of referring clients to group therapy.
I’ve led and co-led these open-ended therapy groups for about 35 years: in Chapel Hill Mondays 5:30-7PM, and in Raleigh Tuesdays 4:30-6PM and Thursdays 5-6:30PM. Excluding only active psychosis and pedophilia, issues are the same as we treat in individual therapy: variations and extremes of depressions and anxieties [for example phobia, panic, PTSD, effects of childhood sexual &/or physical abuse], relationship repair, emotional intimacy skills, loneliness, major health/mind-body problems, physical pain, aging, grief, job/career, adult ADHD, anger management, habit and character style, self-image/self-esteem, enhancing/un-blocking artistic production and performance,  . . . .
We integrate Interpersonal/ Yalom methods, informal CBT, Gestalt and chunks of the many other approaches I’ve studied over the decades, including existential and transactional analysis. My personal contact with Drs Irvin Yalom  Milton Erickson, and Bob Goulding have been very important influences on my current integrative approach. I prepare clients extensively to enter a group, usually in 3 individual sessions. I provide take-home reading, handouts about how to use interpersonal group therapy, and 2 pages of paragraph by paragraph discussion about what we do and don’t do, and why. I help formulate written/behaviorally defined goals to be evaluated periodically, and explain the particular group’s history, current issues and a typical session. This extended process clarifies whether group treatment with me is appropriate, usually enabling development of a strong therapeutic alliance with the client. It also greatly eases transition into a group, and minimizes premature dropouts. 
I’m a Founding Member (currently inactive) of the American Group Psychotherapy Association’s Certified Group Psychotherapist credentialing program [CGP]. Folks can visit my site for lots more about my background and work – especially the Home page text and horizontal menu. If we seem potentially a good fit, phone me to consider  919-215-4703.
Observation by professionals or advanced grad students can be arranged, contingent on re-confirmed approval of all members of the treatment group. I’m always glad to chat about group therapy, so let me know if you have questions.   dr bob

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