New Pain book to suggest

Pain by Deborah Barrett is well worth the time.  She’s trained as a sociologist, now turned Social Worker.  She teaches @ the  UNC-CH School of Social Work & does some private practice.  I met her while observing a DBT group with a fine, long-ago trainee of mine, Martha Diel — they were really good and sensitive at integrating Dialectic Behavioral Therapy with an Interpersonal approach.

She studied “chronic” pain after being suddenly afflicted by incapacitating pain of unknown/undiagnosed origin as a young adult.  Being a trained, studious mind she naturally learned everything she could about her particular discomforts, eventually finding helpful diagnosis and relief.  Pain Tracking recounts her poignant personal saga and offers lots of practical council and tools for relief — like creative rating scales for personally meaningful variables well beyond  the standard “How much does it hurt,

0-10?”.   The book is well crafted, accessible, and useful for those of us dealing with major persistent pain.  I’m working with the Exercise chapter to get myself back to doing what I know is the single most useful thing anyone can do for themselves.

Do let me &/or Deborah know your own experiences — I’ve asked our friends at Quail Ridge Books and Music to have D.B. talk some evening about her book and sign copies for those who missed her book talk at McIntire’s in Farrington Village a few weeks ago.

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