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Here’s my comment with Dr Joe Burgo’s response, about his recent post on  “Vindictive Narcissism”.  He writes well about everyday experience from an interesting conceptual point of view.

Hey J, Such folks are best avoided — makes me think of Scientologists. I’ve read that the brain area which lights up for vengeance on fMRI is the center of greatest pleasure–the sexual/cocaine/addiction area. The writer speculated that in primitive man, killing someone who hurt you before they cld kill you was very important for survival, & therefore revenge was a Very persistent and pleasurable motivation. Hopefully, some of us have evolved beyond that point. b

Here is the new reply:
That’s very interesting, Bob. Revenge as a pleasurable motivation linked to survival. That must mean that the narcissist experiences humiliation or shame as a kind of existential threat that calls forth the vindictive revenge response as a survival mechanism.

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