Additional reply to same student as my previous post

[again slightly edited] Hey ____, I regret I didn’t check my E till just now. I’da been glad to help, and I’m sorry for whatever discomfort you experienced awaiting my reply.
I think : 1] there are more folks who don’t check E daily than those who do check regularly might imagine. 2] Your learnings this time about the % of replies people get for invitations, queries and surveys may be surprising and disappointing, certainly somewhat frustrating [ 20 psychologists didn’t respond to your query]. However your experience will guide you well in future, because No- Response is a response, and because avoiding saying “No” is, unfortunately, pretty conventional and human. And 3] Many/most people stay pretty much within their habitual paths, probably not out of callousness or malice, but rather out of
“economy/efficiency” of their perception of their limited energy.
I believe you’d very much enjoy Dan Ariely’s blog — he’s a brilliant behavioral economist with PhDs in Cognitive Psych & Economics, whose cutting edge influence on sophisticated people is growing exponentially.
Warmly, Dr Bob

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