All Day Hypnosis & Self-Hypnosis Workshop Friday 9AM-5PM ; 2012 date TBA

I’m leading 1 an All Day Groups out @ The Cabin in Chatham County– lunch is included .  It’s the most cost-effective way to learn , practice , strengthen use of the hypnotic abilities everyone has , but usually don’t know they have.  See my paper ” Brief Hypnotic Facts for Clients & Professionals “ to learn what this means & how you can use your natural hypnotic abilities to empower learning & / or unlearning whatever you want to change about yourself– there are only 4  things a person can learn to control:
 their own  1)  Feelings — both physical & emotional ,
 2)  Thoughts – what you think about & how you think,
 3)  Behavior  ,  &
4)  Beliefs — attitudes . values ,  & perspectives .  
We almost never have more than 50 % control over another adult , usually a lot less , so trying to change anyone or completely
control anything  outside ourselves is Very Trying , frustrating , and damn-near impossible .

These Workshops are often quite surprising for folks who believed they must understand “Why” they do or don’t feel or think or act a
certain way , in order to change themselves . Learning that “ Change brings understanding much more often than Understanding brings change . ” can be a wonderfully inspiring and relieving lesson .   

Call me to diacuss how this Workshop can be helpful in your personal growth and therapy. 

 Dr Bob [919] 215-4703

The schedule for this year’s extended groups is available in the dropdown, Workshops.

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