Workshop Schedule

Dr. Bob has reduced from 9 per year to 1 yearly Half or All Day Hypnosis and Self-Hypnosis Workshop on selected Fridays.  These workshops are designed  to help folks [clients , non-clients and professionals] learn, strengthen and use their personal Hypnotic and Self-Hypnotic patterns with a wide variety of strategies and techniques for self-exploration and self-regulation.  Participants will be gathering the guided experience, skill and confidence necessary to empower deeper discovery and adjustment of:

1) your past and / or current emotional & physical pain;

2) the habitual, unconscious patterns of how you think and what you think about, which so greatly  influence your emotional and physical feelings;

3) your external behaviors; and

4) the basic beliefs , attitudes, values and assumptions which are the foundation for a person’s creation of the unique, internal “Separate Reality” in which each of us lives.

Hypnotically-Enhanced Intimacy Skills for Couples and Individuals  meets at the Cabin Friday, February 22 in 2013

Hypnotic Impasse Resolution meets at the Cabin on June 28 in 2013.

All Day Hypnosis &  Self-Hypnosis at the Cabin on October 25 in 2013.