Dr. Bob has reduced from 9 per year to 1 yearly Half or All Day Hypnosis and Self-Hypnosis Workshop on selected Fridays. These workshops are designed to help folks [clients, non-clients and other professionals] learn, strengthen and use their personal hypnotic and self-hypnotic patterns with a wide variety of strategies and techniques for self-exploration, self-regulation and rewiring the brain, i.e. neuroplasticity. Participants will be gathering the guided experience, skill and confidence necessary to empower deeper discovery and adjustment of:

1) your past and/or current emotional or physical pain and pleasure;

2) the habitual, unconscious patterns of how you think and what you think about, which so greatly  influence your emotional and physical feelings;

3) your external behaviors, and

4) the basic beliefs , attitudes, values and assumptions which are the foundation for a person’s creation of the unique, internal “Separate Reality” in which each of us lives.

Hypnotically-Enhanced Intimacy Skills for Couples and Individuals meets at the Cabin on a Friday TBA

Hypnotic Impasse Resolution meets at the Cabin TBA

All Day Hypnosis & Â Self-Hypnosis at the Cabin TBA