Hypnotic Strengthening of Love / Intimacy Skills- for individuals & couples

This Friday ,  5-20 ,  I’ll be leading the second  of two repeatitions  on this theme — each workshop is different as different people attend , & those who repeat the workshop are different than they were the previous time .  We’ll use hypnotic approaches to  :

1 ] install deeply a simple framework of emotional skills necessary for strong and sustaining intimacy  ,

2 ] facilitate  awareness of the natural fears which so often prevent folks doing what they know they could do  and  want to do to grow closer to their partners , and

3] discover and develop  general and individualized ways around and through these fears .

Group inductions , handouts , mini lectures , specific exercises and personal hypnotic work will be offered . We’ll emphasize experiential learning of principles and strategies  , rather than talking-about Very challenging while-stressed tactics ( even for therapists ) .

For more details , see Hypnosis /  Workshops / Intimacy Skills


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