Fewer Extended Hypnosis Workshops

These Workshops have allowed 6 contact hours for less than the cost of one theraputic hour , so they’re Very cost effective .  Participants have learned as much from each other & each other’s work as they have from what and how I teach .  For instance , many participants have learned they are far from the only person with a problem that seemed so peculiar and unlikely to be shared by others .  One of the most valuable things I’ve learned is that people are much more alike than different ( ‘tho the differences are quite important ) , and much more alike than people usually have the opportunity to discover .

I led Weekend Personal Growth for many years before it became clear that people could make excellent progress , even more efficiently ,  in Half Day and All Day Workshops .  These Workshops have been very satifying for participants and for me , and I really don’t see how we could get done all that could be or needs to be accomplished if I saw folks only in individual sessions .  The weekly inter-personal and cognitive behavioral groups offer more regular learning opportunities over a much longer period of time , & are also indispensible in my overall approach to healing .

I want to continue offering these Workshops , and in order to have more leisure time , I’ve decided to reduce the number of each type of Workshop from 3 per year to 2 per year .  I trust that folks who know how useful these experiences are will be able to get enough of what they want from my reduced schedule .  And I also want to practice what I teach — good self-care by putting myself first among equals .

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