Interpersonal Group Psychotherapy-comment on a review

I’ve read only up thru the 4th Edition , & no reference can I find to Intro- or Extrovert .  Certainly Introverts can be just as content & productive as Extro’s .  ‘Till I’ve had a look @ this 5th Ed , I’ll comment only  on the previous  reviewer’s concern — I’d expect from my readings & personal contacts w/ the author that he’d not have or write from this bias.  Depending on a particular reader’s or group therapist’s interpretation [sensitivities to] of  reading  / teaching / practice of Yalom’s views on the Interpersonal approach to Group therapy , one might mis-understand the author’s intent .  Integrating ,as  Yalom suggests ,  the Interpersonal approach w/ whatever other approaches used by a particular Group Therapist would broaden ,
balance & strengthen using this seminal author’s Very useful “Bible” of Group Therapy .

I’ve relied heavily on his work for 40 + very satisfying years as a group therapist , integrating  extensive aspects of   TA-Gestalt , CBT , Ericksonian Hypnosis , & Existential approaches . Whatever  one’s primary  theory of personality or of therapy ,  I don’t think it’s possible to be a competent group therapist w/o strong acquaintance w/ Yalom’s work .

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