Brief report on the Friday 6/29 All Day Hypnosis Group

As usual, participants were a very interesting mix of both folks I knew and folks I didn’t know.  We had a real good day together, learning through experience and mini-lecture, many different ways to use hypnosis.  Several participants who didn’t bring digital recorders arranged to get electronic copies of the group induction from a generous participant who did record digitally.  The group induction and handouts were designed for regular use at home to deepen hypnotic skills and broaden applications gathered on Friday.  Participants will also follow-up the learnings and changes begun  at the workshop with their intimates and therapists, consolidating and furthering the gains made today.

I offer three All Day Hypnosis Workshops yearly, and the last this year will be focused on learning and strengthening the emotional intimacy skills necessary for long term contentment and happiness within couples [Friday, October 26].  I’ve found that mixing both couples and individuals in that workshop greatly enhances everyone’s learning.  Do call me if you’d like to consider coming or referring someone to that All Day Group.


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