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Separate Realities, Uncommon Knowledge

This complex post is for those of us who think we know it all and often behave as if we do – including psychotherapists and thinkers about psychotherapy.  It’s especially intended for those who have strong awareness of their own … Continue reading

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Goodbyes in Group Therapy

this is my response to a group member’s Email: I’m glad you’ll come for the complete, 3 more sessions, Goodbye.  It’s just what I’d imagine you’d decide, especially after yesterday’s session – a great demo and video of humans’ sometimes … Continue reading

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Electronic Devices and Emotional Intimicy

a short comment I made to someone’s lament about having lost the concentration and focus necessary to read books. Use of electronic media works a lot like the slot machines in Las Vegas — random, infrequent small payoffs/rare medium payoffs/very rare large … Continue reading

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