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Safer Meds for Alzheimer’s/Dementia Related Psychosis

In Raleigh News & Observer 11-15  Joe & Terry Graden recommend two safer alternatives to the strong sedatives’ side effects, including increased risk of death. Off-label: 1]  label1dextromethorphan,  & 2]  Quinidine. see  JAMA, sept 22/29,2015 for 220 subject study showing … Continue reading

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My Heated Exchange with a Colleague’s Blog about Psychiatric Medications

First my comment, based on personal experience, then his reply.    You’re passionate as ever about your view of things and sometimes I get the impression that for you, your view is absolutely the only possible correct perspective.  My experience … Continue reading

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ADHD Meds Not Useful ? Responses To Sroufe’s Recent N.Y.Times opinion article

, A well-read client sent me this recent article, which has distressed many experiencing or otherwise concerned with the ADHD syndrome. The eminent Dr Hallowell wrote a response that expresses my view and concerns. I’ve been intensely discussing Stroud’s view … Continue reading

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