Last All Day Workshop of 2012 — Hypnosis and Emotional Intimacy

The last of my 3 yearly All Day Groups happens Friday,10-26 at my country Cabin. The Workshop is designed for individuals and couples;the theme is Love Skills: Hypnotically Enhanced Emotional Intimacy. Emphasis is on experiential learning rather than conscious understanding; most folks know what to do and are unable to do it, especially under stress. Our goal is learning to bypass the anxiety and lack of Original Family training which tend to prevent deep emotional intimacy in couples.
Topics will include exercises for:
1. simple tactics to transform negative energy into positive,
2. appreciating and using the appropriate “Love Language”,
3. strengthening the skills necessary for emotional intimacy: Openness, Honesty & Directness,
4. the important differences between Like, Love and In-Love,
5. accepting responsibility for self-regulation of each partner’s thoughts, feelings behavior and beliefs.

Please call me for details 919-215-4703.

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