Full Day Workshop “Hypnotically Enhanced Intimacy” Friday Oct 24

This is the last of my 3 yearly full-day hypnosis workshops in 2014.  I’ve broadened the theme to include closeness in any intimate relationship:  with yourself, your partner, current and original family, and close friends.  Both individuals and couples will learn and/or strengthen their hypnotic skills to explore practical approaches to creating and adjusting tactics and strategies for deeper friendship and/or relationship repair.

We meet at my Chatham County cabin from 9:AM ’till 5:PM – the rural setting is private, pretty and peaceful, about 40 minutes from each of the three major Triangle towns.  Lunch is provided, and the fee is $130. for individuals and $240. for couples, in advance [$10. less for my clients].  The fee is not refundable if you do not attend, and as I’m not on any insurance panels, outside-of-network benefits can be used by my current clients.

I’ve led these retreats for 35 years, and they offer both continued and deeper therapy for my clients, as well as introduction to me and my hypnotic approaches in a very cost-effective package [less than my usual hourly fee].  The atmosphere is informal and relaxed, and participants usually make relatively rapid and significant progress toward their personal goals.

There’ll be mini-lectures, handouts and exercises to help understand and navigate  the differences between love and in-love, which apply to all intimate relationships.  Emphasis will be on experiential learning, rather than on conscious information, rules, expectations or culturally defined roles.  You’ll want to bring a smart phone or digital recorder to keep the group induction[s] and your personal work for deepening your understanding and practice.

Do phone me  919-215-4703  to sign up or consider how you can best use this workshop.   You can discuss these full-day workshops with any of my clients you might know, because most of them have attended at least once, and many have come multiple times.   Dr Bob

LOVE SKILLS 10-14 flier Final

Bob Dick Short Bio Final 2014

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